Moment 01 – 20th-26th September 2019

During the Climate Week NYC (23th – 29th September), the Global Climate Strike (20th-27th September), Art Interventions will take place in the beautiful surroundings of Sabina (Rieti province, Lazio Region), where Nature is flourishing, not only to be contemplated, but also touched and experienced.

Moment 01” means one first occasion for artists, environmentalists, and citizens from the local habitat and different stakeholders to meet together in relation to a very important subject – the Climate Crisis – implementing not only with raising awareness activities, but also with “live” actions in Nature, aimed at re-thinking the environment, according to Universal Declaration of Rights of Mother Earth (we refer to the Article 3. Obligations of Human Beings to Mother Earth).

Contrary to the usual format, where exhibitions are prepared and organized systematically, the International artist Miltos Manetas, intentionally operating through an “un-categorising” process by “un-modelling” models and patterns, will follow the flow using Art and intervening on the spot, calling in well-known and undiscovered artists to place differentiated interventions in the context of Nature.

Moment 01” is the setting for Art interventions that will roll out throughout the week from 20thuntil 26thSeptember, yet the core concept is that it will not end, it will continue day after day, with thoughts, ideas and actions, carrying on the energy and the outcomes of the initiative to next activities.

On 27th September, “Moment 01” will move to join the Global Climate Strike in the in Rome.

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Images from Momento 01