As per my professional experience, with a Public Policy background, for 15+ years I have managed human and financial resources, mobilising actions, driving processes, establishing programs, overseeing projects in the environmental field across countries; I have worked with NGOs, academies, corporations, governments and all different stakeholders coming into policymaking practices; I have strategised, negotiated, advocated and fundraised in complex environments and across cultures, accommodating stakeholder perspectives accordingly.

Particularly I have designed and managed a number of transformational change programmes including the SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT ACADEMY, an educational programme aimed at enhancing the capacities of key government officials and senior business representatives in the field of sustainable development and at setting up partnerships between academia, institutions and businesses; the CEO PLATFORM FOR GREEN GROWTH IN MENA that connects visionary, action-oriented business leaders of top companies from prominent industry sectors in the MENA region to catalyse change for a green economy and a sustainable future.

Stefania Romano

e-mail contact::stefania.romano@hearth.cloud